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Recognition for Cornwall - Policies and Manifesto
In 2014, central government bowed to years of pressure and recognised the Cornish people through the Framework Convention on National Minorities. This cultural recognition, embodied in minority status, is a landmark ruling. The challenge now for the people of Cornwall must be to achieve a wider acceptance of our right to greater control over our political, civic, and economic lives through the creation of a legislative National Assembly of Cornwall.

Cornwall has a unique national identity, grounded in its culture, language, traditions, history and distinct constitutional position. And MK members work hard to protect Cornwall’s unique identity, its language, traditions and its distinct constitutional position. They have been instrumental in numerous campaigns including those for increased signage in the Cornish language, and also played leading roles in the fight against Coalition plans for a Devonwall parliamentary seat and the “Pasty Tax.”

Mebyon Kernow is campaigning for the: