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A reformed Europe - Policies and Manifesto
It is our belief that nations and regions throughout the World should work together, but that does not mean we are not critical of how the European Union is presently constituted. The Europe of today is one of centralisation, limited democratic control, big business and bureaucracy, and MK – along with many other progressive groups in the European Free Alliance – is campaigning for the increased democratisation of the EU, greater transparency and increased Cornish representation.

Mebyon Kernow believes that sovereignty resides with the people, and that responsibility for decision-making should be retained at the most local level possible.

Our compelling task is to build a decentralised Europe on this basic principle, which means we must limit the centralisation of powers both to Europe and to the current state capitals such as London and Paris. We must create a new Europe that is relevant to the needs of ordinary people.

Since Cornwall was recognised as a European region, it has secured significant and much-needed investment through structural funds, including Objective One and Convergence.

Mebyon Kernow is a member of the European Free Alliance (EFA). The European Free Alliance is a collection of political parties from all across Europe that are fighting for self determination. They campaign both inside and outside of the European Parliament for the rights of stateless nations. Following Brexit, MK will still be a full member of EFA.

You can read the EFA's Manifesto 2019 by clicking here or for more information please visit the EFA Website.