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A more just and peaceful World - Policies and Manifesto
Mebyon Kernow is an internationalist and outward-looking political party. Our vision for Cornwall and the World is underpinned by respect for the diversity of the planet, both its human cultural traditions and its natural environment.

It is our belief that nations and regions throughout the World should work together to foster global peace and stability. Indeed, the strongest argument for working together in Europe remains the two World Wars which ripped the continent apart.

MK is committed to a Nuclear-Free Cornwall and the eradication of nuclear weapons across the globe. It is our view that there is no strategic rationale for the retention, still less the renewal, of the British nuclear arsenal and it should be disarmed immediately.

MK also supports all moves to control the arms trade, which is having such a terrible impact on developing countries.

Mebyon Kernow spoke out against the military invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and has also backed improved support for military personnel who have participated in these recent conflicts.

MK fully supports the UN’s target of 0.7% of GDP for overseas aid, which we believe must be targeted at those areas in greatest need and not be linked to inappropriate trade deals.

It is absurd that poor countries are being forced to destroy their environments and ransack their natural resources in a vain attempt to pay back unfair debts. We believe that such Third World debts should be written off.