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A Climate Change Act for Cornwall - Policies and Manifesto
Mebyon Kernow understands that unsustainability is truly global and must be tackled through action at worldwide as well as local levels.

The threat of climate change is one of the defining issues of modern politics and the world is facing serious environmental threats. All nations around the World must meet this challenge head-on and put the issues of sustainability at the heart of decision-making.

MK is committed to the creation of a National Assembly, which would produce a Climate Change Act to set out actions to reduce greenhouse emissions and develop a truly sustainable, low carbon economy across the Duchy. MK is particularly determined to make Cornwall more self-sufficient, with greater resilience in terms of food production, energy production and supply networks.

Mebyon Kernow understands that to achieve real sustainability we must foster radical changes to every aspect of our lives. Our policy commitments include working towards:

MK is also campaigning to protect Cornwall’s green fields from inappropriate and unsustainable development.