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Fair funding for Cornwall - Policies and Manifesto
Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has a proud record of campaigning for fair funding for Cornwall and its local communities. We know that Cornwall gets a raw deal from Westminster.

Our hospitals, schools and vital public services receive less funding than other parts of the United Kingdom – while infrastructure spending by central government is disproportionately centred on London and the South East of England.

At the last General Election, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats condemned the failure of the-then Labour government to allocate fair funding to Cornwall. But they have failed to act on their own election promises.

What is more, the Coalition parties have made the situation much, much worse by their devastating cuts to Cornwall’s public sector.

Reductions in funding to local government have been disproportionately high. Cornwall Council has already made cuts totalling £170 million and announced further cuts of £196 million. The Devon and Cornwall Police Force meanwhile lost £50 million in 2011-2015, and is now having to make further cuts of another £9 million in 2015/2016.

In this election, Mebyon Kernow is demanding a Commission to investigate the full extent of this Government under-funding of Cornwall.

MK is pressing all of the London-based political parties to support our call for a Commission and to agree to abide by the Commission’s findings, thereby guaranteeing Cornish communities their fair share of central government funding in the future, as well as additional investment for compensate for past under-funding.