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Mebyon Kernow seeks to represent everyone who lives in Cornwall, without exception. Some of our members are native born Cornish, others have come from a variety of places to make Cornwall their home. There are also members far from home today but all are united as members of our proud Cornish community.

We welcome everyone who shares our commitment to equality, accountability and transparency in politics; people who seek to strengthen grass roots democracy, progressive politics and long-term thinking.

We all share the belief that Mebyon Kernow is the one political party that is the best vehicle for delivering a better future to the People of Cornwall. Mebyon Kernow in Cornwall offers our citizens an effective alternative to the discredited three party system based in London. To London our 'provincial' communities are largely insignificant but for us they are at the very core of all we do.

John Rowe, Camborne, member for ten years
“Mebyon Kernow is different. The London-based parties have no real aspiration for Cornwall's future. Their MPs are always caught in a conflict of interest between what Cornwall needs and what their Party wants. At the end of the day the mainstream political parties think themselves more important than the people who elected them.”
Joanie Willett, St Dennis, member for twelve years and 2010 Parliamentary Candidate for North Cornwall
“MK is not just for Cornish people. It puts Cornwall at the centre of everything. For the London-based parties Cornwall is one of their last considerations. Our emphasis is on making our area better. There's a strong relationship between local and global and we fit into the wider whole. But we need to have local areas have a strong voice. To have the power to change their future for the better. At the moment the balance is wrong.”
Paul Ellis, Bodmin, originally from SE England, joined Mebyon Kernow in 2010
“I wasn't interested in politics until I moved to Cornwall. But Mebyon Kernow has the right attitude to housing. The strategies being pushed by the main parties all seem to be the reverse of what is needed. It doesn't make sense. They say - You build a house and a job will be created. But surely it's the other way around? Their strategies and plans show no aspiration to build a better Cornwall. They have no interest in quality of jobs. They just want to build houses.”
Rob Simmons, Penzance, MK member since 2011 and political blogger
“We're all inter-connected. Mebyon Kernow's beliefs go beyond Cornwall. It takes international responsibilities seriously. I want Cornwall to lead by example. We can do things better. I want Cornwall to lead the way. I want to see a future where countries look to us as a good example of where policy can work, whether it be about fair taxation, housing or the economy. We should feel confident that Cornwall can pass comment on the World, to be part of it, to help shape and influence its future.”
Charlotte Evans, Constantine, MK member since the age of 16
“I’ve been a member since before I could vote. I joined when I was 16, having been to a UKIP seminar whilst studying at Truro College and deciding that I wanted to be involved in representing an alternative. I think most people want to know that they have an access route to politics or democracy which they can engage with, be that locally or through like-minded people. What is clearly different about Mebyon Kernow is that we’re standing up for a complete overhaul of the political system.”
Lance Dyer, Truro, MK member for five years
“In ten years time I would like to see an Assembly for Cornwall. So we all have more say over our own affairs. Centralised power has achieved very little for Cornwall and the centralisation of power in one place, like the City of London, has failed the UK. Its damaged the whole economy. Unless we take control of our own destiny nothing will change for the better in the future.”