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News Articles with the Tag "devolution"
MK has submitted evidence to an Inquiry into devolution being held by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee in the Westminster Parliament.
Published: 14th September 2019
MK member Mael Garrec, this weekend, travelled to Bridlington to represent the Party for Cornwall at the Summer Conference of the Yorkshire Party.
Published: 17th July 2017
Speaking at MK’s Party Conference, Cllr Dick Cole appealed to party members to prioritise working hard over the next 18 months to win as many seats as possible at the 2017 elections to Cornwall Council.
Published: 16th November 2015
MK Party Leader Cllr Dick Cole was one of the three political guests on ITV’s “The Westcountry at Westminster” on Thursday.
Published: 12th September 2015
Following the official announcement of the “Cornwall Devolution Deal” by central government, Mebyon Kernow has declared that the “Deal” does not go far enough and re-iterated its call for a National Assembly for Cornwall.
Published: 17th July 2015
Following the decision of Cornwall Council’s Cabinet to endorse its “Case for Cornwall” and George Osborne’s budget statement stating he supported a “greater say in decisions” for Cornwall, the leadership of Mebyon Kernow has vowed to continue its campaign for an even more ambitious democratic settlement, which would include a Cornish Assembly.
Published: 10th July 2015
This weekend, the leader of Devon County Council claimed that Cornwall was “too small” to secure devolved powers. John Hart also argued that Cornwall should work with the English counties of Devon and Somerset to request the decentralisation of some powers to the wider South West.
Published: 16th June 2015
Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has today (St Piran’s Day) launched its policy document entitled “Towards a National Assembly of Cornwall.”
Published: 5th March 2015
At a recent meeting of Cornwall Council, Mebyon Kernow attempted to persuade councillors to strengthen the “Case for Cornwall” – a document prepared by the leadership of the authority which set out a series of requests for more powers. MK members expressed the view that the document lacked ambition and Cllr Dick Cole moved an amendment.
Published: 21st January 2015
Following the publication of the Smith Commission – which proposes the devolution of further powers to the Scottish Parliament – Mebyon Kernow has challenged that the Westminster parties to back the devolution of meaningful power to Cornwall.
Published: 1st December 2014
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