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MK Calls for Urgent Talks with Unions over 'BT Lite' Decision
Mebyon Kernow has called for urgent talks between Cornwall Council and Unions following the decision to approve part privatisation of Council services, known as 'BT Lite' at last week's Full Council meeting.

"We are disappointed that the in-house proposal, which would have kept these vital services
under the direct democratic control, was narrowly defeated. Whilst MK were firm on their
opposition to the privatisation plans, three Liberal Democrats voted for the original outsourcing
proposal while no fewer than six supported the part privatisation. Now we have the situation
where a last minute proposal, that had not been worked up properly and that has risks that
have not been identified properly. However, what is most concerning is that all of this was
carried out without consultation with the very workers who will be affected by these changes.
This needs to be dealt with immediately." said Cllr Andrew Long, Economics Spokesperson for the

"We are calling for an urgent meeting between the Council and the Unions to discuss the details
of the agreement and how the rights of these valuable workers can be protected. Now that the
decision has been made, it is vital that these details are worked out quickly to avoid any more
un-necessary worry for the people in the middle of this political muddle." he added.

At the full Council meeting, the vote on the original Joint Venture - known as BT Thick - was defeated
by 71 votes to 30. The Council then kicked out the In House option, by 50 votes to 46 which left two
further options and, after a series of amendments and votes, the Council agreed to move forward with
the "third way" proposal that kept the back office functions and front facing services such as Libraries
and One Stop Shops in house, but transferred everything else to the new BT controlled company.
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Published on 21st December 2012.

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