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MK Call for Enquiry into 'Footpath to Nowhere'
Mebyon Kernow members on an East Cornwall Council have asked for answers on how over £10,000 was spent on a small section of footpath that effectively goes nowhere in Kelly Bray.

Cllr Andrew Long by the footpath in Kelly Bray.The four strong group on Callington Town Council have made the request after Cormac spent a whole week on Florence Road putting in a 60 metre section of footpath on the southern side of the road just outside the village.

“I have asked Cormac whether they can explain why this amount of money has been spent by Cormac on this footpath, effectively going nowhere, when so many other areas of the village were in desperate need of work to be carried out on them.  There may be a sensible answer, but on the face of it, this does not appear to be an effective use of scarce resources in these difficult times” said Cllr Maria Coakley.

“The opposite side of the road has a dangerous section near the junction with the A388 and I would have thought that this would have been a far better use of the money if a footpath was necessary to have been built.  Mebyon Kernow have asked the Town Council to investigate how this happened.” She added. 

Mebyon Kernow have written to Jon James, from the client side at Cornwall Council asking him to investigate the process that led to the footpath being built and are hoping to report their findings back to the Town Council in December.

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Published on 2nd December 2012.

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