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Cabinet's Privatisation Plan is an Affront to Democracy
Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has condemned the decision of Cornwall Council’s Cabinet to push ahead with the privatisation of a massive range of council services including benefits, council tax, payroll, IT support, libraries and one-stop-shops.

The Conservative-led authority has confirmed that it’s ten-strong governing Cabinet “remains committed” to the joint venture proposal. It has also been confirmed that the Cabinet intends to ignore the democratic will of Cornwall Councillors who, on Tuesday 4th September, voted by 46 votes to 29 votes to oppose the privatisation.

MK Councillor Andrew Long seconded the successful motion to Full Council that stated “it is not in the best interests of the people of Cornwall for the Council to enter into the proposed Strategic Partnership for Support Services.” He has released the following statement on behalf of Mebyon Kernow:

“It is an absolute affront to democracy that the Cabinet intends to push ahead with its privatisation plans and ignore the views of the wider Council. It is also a disgrace that the leadership of Cornwall can be so dismissive of other elected members.

“This privatisation will further undermine the very basis of local government in Cornwall and impact negatively on hundreds of staff, who could lose their jobs or inevitably end up with worsened pay and conditions.

“Mebyon Kernow calls on the leadership of Cornwall Council to respect the views of the wider Council and cease working towards this so-called ‘joint venture’.”

Further information

On Tuesday 4th September, 46 Councillors backed the motion to oppose the privatisation of council services through a “joint venture” with a large private company. These councillors comprised two Conservatives, 16 independents, the one Labour councillor, 22 Liberal Democrats and all five Mebyon Kernow councillors.

29 Councillors voted to oppose the motion, thereby supporting the privatisation of council services. These were 19 Conservatives, 9 independents and one Liberal Democrat.

There were 14 abstentions – 9 Conservatives, 2 Independents and 3 Liberal Democrats.

A total of 34 members (Conservatives, Independents and Liberal Democrats) were not present for the vote.

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Published on 6th September 2012.

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