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House of Lords Reform - What About Cornwall?
Following the Government’s announcement of plans for a largely elected House of Lords, Mebyon Kernow has accused the Coalition of ignoring Cornwall.

MK members are angry that there will be no Cornish representatives in the new House of Lords, but 33 representatives for the wider south-west, elected via a list form of PR across a massive constituency stretching as far as Bristol and Tewkesbury.
Party Leader Cllr Dick Cole said:
“Mebyon Kernow would welcome an end to the present unelected second chamber. It is wrong that hereditary peers (with no democratic mandate) and retired / defeated MPs and MEPs (appointed through political patronage) should be allowed such legislative influence.
“As a Cornishman I am angry that, unlike Wales and Scotland, our territorial integrity has been ignored. It is wrong that we will not be allowed our own elected representatives and that Cornish interests will be submerged within those of a larger zone.”
Cllr Cole has accused central government of making a complete shambles of its political reform and trashing Cornwall’s historic and territorial integrity. He said
“When it drew up plans for new Westminster constituencies, the Coalition refused to respect the Cornish border and forced through proposals that would lead to a Devonwall parliamentary seat.
“It followed this by legislating for a Police Commissioner and a Police Board for ‘Cornwall and Devon’ made up of nominated councillors from principal local authorities – namely one from the Isles of Scilly (population 2,000), one from Cornwall (population 530,000) and eleven from Devon (population 1,140,000).
“And now, with House of Lords reform, Cornwall is being marginalised once again.
“If the second chamber is reformed, we need Cornwall to have its own elected representatives.”
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Published on 1st July 2012.

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