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Celtic Housing Charter
The Welsh Language Movement, Cymdeithas yr Iaith, has this week launched a Celtic Housing Charter. It seeks to tackle the housing crisis within the Celtic nations and particularly where Celtic languages are still spoken. Cymdeithas yr Iaith has worked with language campaigners in Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man on the Charter and a short multi-lingual video has been produced in support of the Charter. It includes contributions in Cornish from MK councillor Loveday Jenkin.

It can be viewed at:

The charter is as follows (In Cornish and English)

Chartour Chiow Keltek – An Gwir rag Annedh
An troboynt annedhans powek yw kudyn meur neb a woder termyn a dheu rag kemenethow a gows an yethow keltek.
Ni, avel kowethasow kanasek a’n yethow minoryta an broyow Keltek, a dhiskler bos res porres a wriansow a boynt. An koll gwrys dh’agan yethow h’aga hemenethow y tal bos ewnhes – yn aga mysk yn leow may ma agan yethow na gewsis na moy.
Yma diannedhter owth ynkressya, ha moy ha moy a bobel heb myns arghans dhe vewa y’ga ranndiryow genesik y honan. Yma edrek dhyn awos y vos adhyworth polisis an governansow kresel ha digresennys gans y’ga mysk dibalster ha degvledhynnyow a dhibarder erbysek neb a gemmer les a’gan kemenethow powek.
Gelwyn, ytho, orth agan governansow dhe dhegemmeres kevres a bolisis rag surhe gallos arghansek an dus neb a bew hag oberi omma, y’ga mysk an re dhyworth kemenethow amalegys ha minorytys, dhe driga yn aga hemenethow. Hemm a vydh rag les agan yethow ha’n sewenyans agan kemenethow, gans govis ewn parthder a jonsyow heb mires orth ny renkas, ny agh, ny reydhedh. Y kodh an mesuryow na synsi ynna:
- gorra lett an gansran a jiow nessa ha havosow y’n kemeneth;
- chanjya deskrifans annedhans affordyadow ha menystra prisyow gobrena rag y vos affordyadow a bobel orth gober leel;
- mos pella gans rewlys ha gorra toll kessydhya war chiow usys yn brassa ran po yn tien rag AirBnB, gans deskrifa us a jiow po rannjiow yn tien avel chiow nessa po AirBnB;
- displegya towlen stratejek adro annedhans ha tornyaseth yn leow powek dhe vos konter an feth bos lies chi kemmeres mes an kreun annedhans leel;
- digresenni gallosow towlennans, yn aga mysk settya amkanow annedhans, dhe’n nivel leel an moyha wiw, ha gul arghadow towlennans yeth;
- degea pub gwander po tardhell y’n lagha neb a as tollow dhe vos gohelys;
- laghys-kerthow rag rewlya prisyow, skodhyansow komparek rag kowsoryon yethow minoryta dhe driga hwath yn aga kemenethow ha dhe surhe an devnydh a jiow gwag hag an huni gwrys seulabrys kyns bos displegyansow nowydh gwrys;
- daskor keun annedhans kowethasel a berghenogeth poblek, daskor keun annedhans heb devnydh a berghenogeth poblek, hag oll ‘drehevyansow nowydh’ dhe gomprendya rann veur a berghenogeth poblek;
- toll war budh perghenogyon dhe gevarghewi yn chiow gwag ha chiow nessa dh’aga dehwel a dhevnydh kemenethow ha’n re a bew ha gweytha ynna;
- kentrynnow dhe nowydhhe ha/po drehevi annedhans sostenadow yn rann daffar ha fordh drehevyans;
- spalyow rag skonya gobrena kerthow orth eseli kemenethow anlesek kepar ha tremenysi po fowesigyon.

Celtic Housing Charter – the right to a home

The rural housing crisis is a huge problem that threatens the future of Celtic language-speaking communities.
We as organizations representing the minority languages of the Celtic nations, declare that urgent action must be taken. The damage done to our languages and their communities must be undone - including in some areas where our languages are no longer spoken.
Homelessness is increasing, with more and more people unable to afford to live in their native areas. We regret that this is a result of the policies of the devolved and central governments. They include austerity and decades of economic inequality that disadvantage our rural communities.
We therefore call on our governments to adopt a series of policies to ensure that the people who live and work here including those belonging to marginalized and minority communities can afford to stay in their communities. This would be for the benefit of our languages and the prosperity of our communities, with due regard to equality of opportunity regardless of class, race or gender. Those measures should include:
- cap the percentage of second or holiday homes within a community;
- changing the definition of affordable housing and managing rent prices so that they are affordable to people on local wages
- further regulating and introducing a punitive tax on the use of houses primarily or exclusively for AirBnB, including defining the use of houses or flats as a whole as second homes or AirBnB
- develop a strategic plan for housing and tourism in rural areas to counter the fact that many houses have been taken out of the locally available housing stock
- devolve planning powers, including setting housing targets, to the most appropriate local level, and require that language planning is mandatory;
- close any weaknesses or loopholes in the law that allow taxes to be avoided
- property legislation to control prices, specific supports for minority language speakers to remain in their communities and to ensure the use of empty and existing housing before new development is undertaken
- return social housing stock to public ownership, return underused stock to public ownership, and all ‘new builds’ to include a major element of public ownership
- a tax on landlords' profits to invest in bringing empty and second homes back into use for communities and those who live and work in them
- incentives to renovate and / or build sustainable housing in terms of material and method of construction;
- penalties for refusal to let property to members of disadvantaged communities such as travellers or refugees.
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Published on 4th July 2020.

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