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MK demands a National Assembly of Cornwall
MK has submitted evidence to an Inquiry into devolution being held by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee in the Westminster Parliament.

The Party for Cornwall has branded the local government “devolution deal” agreed for Cornwall as inadequate. It has also forwarded information from the “Towards a National Assembly of Cornwall” publication to the Committee – it sets out MK’s proposal for greater self-government for Cornwall, and related democratic reforms.

Party Leader Cllr Dick Cole said: “In our representation, we have pointed out that whereas there has been meaningful devolution to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Cornwall is alone amongst the Celtic nations in having no form of effective self-government.

“MK has demanded a new democratic settlement, with the devolution of significant powers to a National Assembly of Cornwall, within the framework of the United Kingdom.”
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Published on 14th September 2019.

Cornish Assembly Campaign
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