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MK condemns “Stronger Towns Fund”
MK has hit out at the Government announcement about the “Stronger Towns Fund” of £1.6 billion, which shows that the monies will disproportionately be allocated to the north of England.

The announcement has been widely condemned, with commentators describing the Fund as a poorly disguised bribe to Labour MPs in Leave voting areas to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

MK Party Leader Cllr Dick Cole has described the announcement as a “worrying blow,” which suggests that there will be even less regional funding available for investment in Cornish communities.

He said: “In recent weeks, MK councillors and others have challenged senior Conservative politicians to guarantee that Cornwall will, in future, receive the same level of funding that it would have otherwise received from the European Union.

“We keep hearing how future regional funding will be through a ‘Shared Prosperity Fund, though the UK Government has yet to publish meaningful information about how this would work and refuses to give any specific commitments to Cornwall.

“The ‘Stronger Towns Fund’ shows that Cornwall is not the priority for the UK Government and Conservative politicians need to come clean on what the future holds for Cornwall.”
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By Dick Cole. Published on 5th March 2019.

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