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Mebyon Kernow’s Michael Bunney opposes police merger and “biased” consultation
Mebyon Kernow’s candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner has hit out at the proposal to merge the “Devon and Cornwall” Police Force with that of Dorset, arguing “Cornwall’s police need good levels of funding, not further mergers”.

He has also criticised the “biased” nature of the consultation and called on local people to “respond to the so-called consultation in our thousands and say no to this centralisation.”

Michael Bunney from Gorran, who works as the deputy head of an academy, working with vulnerable children and serves on St Goran Parish Council, said:

“Cornwall’s police need decent levels of funding, not mergers. I repeat that I oppose the proposed merger with Dorset Police Force and, on behalf of Mebyon Kernow, I will continue to support the creation of a Cornish Constabulary. The money being spent to promote the consultation should be put into front line policing, which would be a far better use of hard pressed resources.”

“I am also concerned this consultation is not genuine and the decision to merge has already been made. I am worried by what looks like the biased nature of the consultation. The Police and Crime Commissioner for ‘Devon and Cornwall’ claims that she ‘is on the fence’ about the proposed merger but is actively promoting ‘seven reasons to merge’ on social media and elsewhere. She has also produced a video which really does lack balance.”

“I would appeal to people in Cornwall to respond to this so-called consultation in our thousands and say no to this centralisation.

“History has shown us that whenever public services are centralised, Cornwall and its communities lose out – and we cannot allow that to happen to our local policing. Centralisation takes services away from our communities.”

The consultation can be found at:

Mr Bunney has also confirmed that he is writing to Cornwall’s six Conservative MPs, calling on them to actively oppose the merger.

He added: “When in opposition, the Conservatives promised they would invest in policing. But now we face an ill-judged and damaging merger because of drastic cuts in government funding over the last eight years.

“We need fair funding for our local police – not a merger. And I will be putting pressure on local MPs to deliver that funding for our local communities."
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By Dick Cole. Published on 7th July 2018.

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