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MK slams Conservative / DUP deal
Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has condemned the deal between the Conservative Party and the ten MPs from Northern Ireland’s DUP, which will keep Theresa May in 10 Downing Street.

The agreement to pay one billion to the Northern Ireland Executive - £100,000,000 for each DUP MP – has been variously described as a “grubby” or “shoddy” deal. The money is earmarked for infrastructure improvements, funding for the NHS and schools, better broadband and to tackle deprivation.

Commenting on the agreement, MK leader Cllr Dick Cole said:

“The payment of one billion pounds to Northern Ireland is a deeply political move – using taxpayers’ money – to deliver a working majority for the Conservatives and maintain Theresa’s May’s grip on power.

“But unbelievably, many Conservatives have had the nerve to claim that the investment into Northern Ireland is because of the ‘distinct needs’ and ‘unique circumstances’ of the province.

“There is a desperate need to rebalance the UK economy and to ensure that government investment is better shared across the whole of the UK. But this cynical move has nothing to do with a fairer regional policy from this government, and does not represent a shift from the Government’s focus on London and wider South East.”

Mebyon Kernow is calling on the UK Government to increase funding to Cornwall in line with what has been pledged to Northern Ireland.

Cllr Cole added: “It will be unjust to increase funding in Northern Ireland, while denying a similar increase in investment for Cornwall – which also has ‘distinct needs’ and its own ‘unique circumstances.’ This includes having a lower economic performance than Northern Ireland, and an NHS under great pressure.

“Just take the Cornish NHS as an example. The present STP reforms would leave the local NHS massively under-funded – and yet here we have a Conservative Government giving over £250 million towards healthcare in Northern Ireland.

“Cornwall’s Conservative MPs will have failed Cornwall if they do not deliver an equally fair funding package for the Duchy.”

Further information:
The deal secured by the DUP includes:
  • £400 million for infrastructure projects.
  • £200 million for health to “achieve health service transformation.”
  • £150 million for broadband.
  • £100 million to "target pockets of severe deprivation."
  • £100 million to “address immediate pressures” in schools and hospitals, both of which are facing cutbacks in Britain.
  • £50 million to combat mental health issues.
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Published on 30th June 2017.

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