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Mebyon Kernow is not standing in the General Election
MK has today (11th May) issued the following statement: “It is with regret that Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall will not be putting forward any candidates for the 2017 General Election, which will take place on 8th June."

"Over the past few months, the UK Prime Minister made numerous assertions that there would be no snap General Election. She also repeatedly stated that the next General Election would take place in 2020, as specified by the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act.

"As a consequence, Mebyon Kernow has not been making preparations for parliamentary elections and, in 2017, we have focused our efforts on the elections to the unitary authority and town and parish councils across Cornwall.

"Our members consider that the Prime Minister and other Westminster politicians have shamefully misled voters on this matter and are extremely angry at the disrespectful way in which the General Election was announced during local elections.

“General Election campaigning undoubtedly over-shadowed and subverted the elections to Cornwall Council, where the focus was shifted away from important local issues and onto Westminster party politics, to the obvious benefit of the Conservative Party.
“The timing of this snap election, so close to the local polls, makes it impractical for a party with our level of resources to put together and finance a meaningful campaign for the General Election. This is especially so, when we are denied fair access to the mainstream media.

“It is therefore with regret that, under the exceptional circumstances of this snap poll, Mebyon Kernow has decided not to contest seats in the General Election.

“We have chosen instead to focus our immediate efforts into building local support and boosting our all-year-round campaigns for Cornwall, while supporting the key work of MK councillors recently re-elected onto the unitary authority, along with our representatives on town and parish councils.

“We can also confirm that Mebyon Kernow will not be formally endorsing candidates from other political parties, but throughout the General Election period we will be actively lobbying would-be MPs and holding them to account on those issues which are important to the members of our Party and to the people of Cornwall.”

Further press releases on MK campaigns during the General Election will be published in the near future.
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Published on 11th May 2017.

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