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EU Referendum - What now for Cornwall?
In its official post-referendum comment, Mebyon Kernow has called on the people of Cornwall to come together and demand that Westminster politicians do not sell Cornwall short as they rethink the future governance arrangements of the UK.

MK has also re-iterated its commitment to campaigning for a Cornish Assembly.

Speaking on behalf of MK, Party Leader Cllr Dick Cole said:

“Mebyon Kernow backed the ‘remain’ campaign and we are obviously disappointed that a majority of voters took a different stance and voted to leave the European Union.

“But, whatever our individual views, we are fortunate to live in a modern democracy and, as the Prime Minister quite rightly said in this resignation speech, the will of the British people must ‘be respected’ and ‘it is an instruction that must be delivered’.”

Mebyon Kernow does however recognise that the United Kingdom is entering a period of great economic and political uncertainty, and MK is particularly concerned about how Brexit will impact on Cornwall which has never been one of the Government’s top priorities.

Cllr Cole said: “The people of Cornwall have a massive job to do in the coming weeks and months. We must, as far as possible, be united and we must do everything we can to pressure Westminster politicians to stand up for Cornwall and its communities as they work through the implications of leaving the EU.

“We all know that Cornwall is one of the poorest parts of the UK and it suffers from under-investment from central government. We must campaign hard to ensure that Cornwall will, in the future, receive investment at least equal to that of the EU programmes.”

With the SNP Government already demanding a second Scottish independence referendum, constitutional issues will also be becoming to the fore, and Mebyon Kernow has confirmed that it will continue to focus on its campaign for greater self-government through a Cornish Assembly.

Cllr Cole added: “Throughout the EU referendum, there was much debate around the issues of democracy and we will be redoubling our efforts to push for meaningful devolution within the United Kingdom with the creation of a National Assembly for Cornwall.”
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By Dick Cole. Published on 27th June 2016.

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