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Councillor calls for urgent meeting to discuss accident hotspot
Callington's Cornwall Councillor, Andrew Long, has asked for an urgent inter agency meeting to discuss the safety issues surrounding a notorious accident hot spot in the town, following Monday's serious accident that led to hours of delays around the town.

The Mebyon Kernow Councillor, who is also outgoing Portreeve and Mayor of the town, was speaking after the main A388 road through the town was closed following the accident, where a vehicle hit a pedestrian near the Coronation Road junction, which led to traffic chaos for the college and commuters.

"This accident is the second in this area in the past 12 months and I think it is important for all agencies involved in highways, from Cormac through to the Police, to review the safety issues that may come up from this and, where necessary, take the appropriate action to ensure the safety of all concerned."  Said Cllr Long.

"Whilst no one wants to see increased traffic congestion, the preservation of human life is the most important thing in this case and so I think a review of the crossing issues and also speed that traffic use this stretch of road needs to be looked at again and any improvements we can take to make things better need to be seriously looked at." He added.

The accident on Monday, occurred around 7am when a pedestrian walking on the pavement heading towards the town centre appeared to be struck by a vehicle from behind.  Last year a young person was also hit in the same area and both casualties ended up at Derriford.
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Published on 17th May 2016.

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