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MK backs “remain” vote in EU referendum
Mebyon Kernow today backed the campaign to remain in the European Union at the upcoming referendum on the 23rd June.

Party members at MK’s Spring Conference overwhelmingly voted to support the following resolution:

1. Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall will campaign for a “remain in” vote in the forthcoming referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union.

2. MK reaffirms its internationalist view that nations and regions should work together to tackle issues of Europe-wide and global significance, and observes that the existence of the EU has underpinned a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity across Europe.

3. MK rejects the neo-liberal policies of the European Commission. We oppose austerity politics, deregulation and support for trade treaties such as TTIP. These developments remove issues beyond democratic politics, benefit transnational corporations and dismantle the safeguards defending communities and the environment.

4. Mebyon Kernow welcomes the many positive initiatives from the European Union in the past, in terms of improved environmental controls, consumer protections and a host of safeguards for working people.

5. MK recognises that Cornwall has been a net beneficiary of the EU in terms of structural funding, which has provided significant and much-needed investment for local businesses – both large and small – and ensured that numerous key projects, such as the university and superfast broadband, have been brought to fruition.

6. MK further recognises that if the UK did leave the EU, the British Government would inevitably fail to replace the lost investment.

7. Mebyon Kernow considers it important to be in Europe, working for a more democratic and decentralised EU through our membership of the European Free Alliance. And we reaffirm MK’s policy position to demand direct democratic representation in the European Parliament with an MEP representing Cornwall.

Please note: It is accepted that the members of Mebyon Kernow will have a range of views on the EU referendum. If this resolution is accepted, it is acknowledged that those members with a different view will be free to support campaigns against EU membership.
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Published on 3rd April 2016.

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