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Mebyon Kernow condemn latest “Disneyfication” of ancient Cornish site at Tintagel
Mebyon Kernow have today condemned the organisation who are supposed to be protecting Cornwall’s heritage for the “disneyfication” of the ancient Monastery site of Tintagel Castle, believed by some to be one of the castles belonging to King Arthur.

Cllr Andrew Long, who represents another area steeped in Arthurian legend, Callington, made the comment after the unveiling of a carving said to represent the face of Merlin, on rocks at the ancient site.

“The task of protecting Cornwall’s ancient culture and heritage is vitally important.  We have always had our doubts that ‘English Heritage’ understand or care about Cornwall’s past and this example of vandalism is just another sign that the time for this organisation to be removed from looking after our assets has now arrived.” Said Cllr Long.

“We have written directly to ‘English Heritage’ to ask them to explain why they have decided to do this and ask them to stop work immediately while this situation is investigated fully.  One of the many meaningful areas that was removed from the increasingly mute ‘Devolution’ deal that Cornwall Council signed during the winter.  Control of Heritage and Planning were two tenets of the proposal Cornwall Council put together and both were removed by the London Government.  It seems that their desire to give Cornwall control over decisions made here are just words and they have no intention of giving us any real control” he added.

The latest proposals for the changes at Tintagel Castle were approved under delegation by the local divisional member last Summer.
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Published on 21st March 2016.

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