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MK calls on Coalition councillors to resign over cuts
Cllr Dick Cole used part of his keynote address at Mebyon Kernow’s 2013 Conference to call on Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors to walk away from respective parties in protest at the cuts.

Cllr Dick Cole said during his speech:

“Coalition cuts to local government are truly disproportionate – and they are undermining the ability of local councils to provide those public services that individuals, families and communities have a right to expect.
“I am fed up of ‘crocodile tears’ from Coalition councillors about the unpalatable position in which elected members find themselves, trying to bridge black-hole after black-hole in local budgets.
“Cameron, Clegg and Pickles are slashing funding because Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors are remaining true to their parties – and carrying out the Coalition’s dirty work at a local level.
“I have a message for all Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors in Cornwall – you should RESIGN!
“I say to them – if they are serious about stopping these cuts, they should send a strong message to the Coalition by walking away from their respective parties.
“That would be the sort of decisive political action that the likes of Cameron, Clegg and Pickles would understand.
“If the local government base of their parties was reduced, or decimated, the Government would change direction. But while their local councillors remain loyal to the Coalition, they are complicit in the damage being imparted on to Cornwall.
“My loyalty is to Cornwall, your loyalty is to Cornwall – and the loyalty of all councillors should also be to Cornwall, not some London-centred political party.”
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By Dick Cole. Published on 17th November 2013.

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