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Mebyon Kernow reiterates support for Living Wage
As part of “Living Wage Week 2013,” Mebyon Kernow has re-affirmed its strong support for the payment of a living wage to all workers.

Speaking on behalf of the Party for Cornwall, Economy Spokesperson and Cornwall Councillor for Callington, Andrew Long said:
“It is a disgrace that so many hard-working people – who produce food for our tables, provide vital public services, or care for the sick and elderly – are paid less than a living wage. It is shocking that these workers are paid so little that they struggle to pay their own housing costs or meet their basic living costs.
Cllr Long hit out at the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition, which he said was failing to take the issue seriously.
“The gap between the rich and the poor is continuing to grow and it is Coalition policies – such as their excessive cuts and welfare reforms – which are having a devastating impact on the less-well-off and low-earners.
“The Government is failing to act and has made some awful political choices – such as last year’s tax cut for millionaires – which have done nothing to help build a fairer and more society
The Labour Party – through Ed Milband has backed the living wage initiative – but has come in for some stinging criticism from Mebyon Kernow.
“Whilst we welcome any support for the campaign for a living wage for the people of Cornwall, it is quite hypocritical of the Labour Party to now espouse their enthusiasm for a such a policy when, in 13 years of government in London, places like Cornwall have seen their wages sink both in real terms and in comparison with urban areas across the UK,” said Cllr Long.
Further information:
Cornwall is currently one of the poorest paid regions in the UK, with an average wage of just over £17,000 per year. This is 25% less than the UK average.  The current minimum wage is £6.31 while the living wage is set at £7.45 across the UK and £8.55 in London.  In rural areas such as Cornwall, it is estimated that over 40% of the working population earn below the living wage figure while the figure is 22% across the country as a whole.
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Published on 6th November 2013.

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