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MK Working With Police to Warn of Rogue Traders in Cornwall
Callington Town Council and Devon and Cornwall Police have joined together to warn householders in the community of an influx of door to door traders who have arrived in Cornwall over recent days.

A number of residents have reported aggressive behaviour from a group of street traders who have tried to gain entry to houses selling items from backpacks while claiming to having just been released from prison and needing to feed a young child.

Three properties appear to have been targeted in Tavistock Road last Wednesday before the group then arrived at St Ive on the A390 between Callington and Liskeard.

“A number of residents felt concerned for their safety because of the over confrontational nature of some of these door to door traders who seemed to take offence if they were denied access to the house.  We understand the Police were called on two occasions following incidents at separate houses and it is important that householders know what to do in these circumstances” said Callington Town Councillor Andrew Long.

“These traders have no right to enter your property un-invited and we want to urge all residents to follow a few simple rules.  If you are at all unhappy or uncomfortable when visited by these people, deny them entry and ask them to leave your property and land.  If they refuse to do so, or use threatening behaviour, lock your doors and dial the Police on 999. There are a host of reputable street traders and these few individuals are ruining their reputation.” he added.

Cllr Longs comments were echoed by Sgt Julian Collison of Callington Police Station. 
“I  concur with the comments of Councillor Long. I would further ask that anybody who has a visit from these Traders, even if they do not feel intimidated, contact the police on our non-emergency number, 101. This will give us the opportunity to challenge the Traders and confirm their identity. Due to the very mobile nature of their business,  it is very difficult to locate them without reporting of their locations by the public.“ said Sgt Collison.
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Published on 23rd April 2013.

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