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MK Launches Manifesto for 2013 Cornwall Council Elections
Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has today launched “Putting Cornwall First,” its manifesto for the Cornwall Council elections which will take place on 2nd May.

Please click here to view the Policies section or click here to dowload the Manifesto as a PDF.

Launching the document, Party Leader Cllr Dick Cole said:
“It is a difficult time for local government in Cornwall. Funding cuts from the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition mean that, between 2011 and 2015, Cornwall Council will lose a massive £546 million in spending power. This is having a devastating impact on the ability of the unitary authority to deliver services, and this is already adversely affecting the elderly, the young, those in need, and the ordinary working people of Cornwall.
“Councillors from the Coalition parties are largely in denial about the harm being caused by the policies of their own Government, preferring to play party political games.
“We need councillors who will put Cornwall first and focus on defending the best interests of our local communities.”
“Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall is different to the mainstream London-based political parties. We are based here in Cornwall, we have no vested interests and are not funded by big business. We also have no political masters in London to please and we will always fight for what is best for the people of Cornwall.”

The new Manifesto has ten sections:
  1. Working to restore faith in local government
  2. Protecting public services
  3. Winning fair funding for Cornwall
  4. Protecting the less-well-off and the vulnerable
  5. Safeguarding the Cornish economy
  6. Delivering pro-Cornwall planning policies
  7. Delivering proper local-needs housing
  8. Protecting the Cornish environment
  9. Making Cornwall Council democratic
  10. Winning greater recognition for Cornwall
Four extracts from the manifesto:
Mebyon Kernow believes that local government should serve the best interests of local communities and help residents take charge of what is happening in their towns, villages and parishes. But it is a sad fact that local government is increasingly just an agency of central government, applying London-centric diktats (public sector cuts, privatisation of public services, unsustainable planning policies, etc) onto the people of Cornwall.
For too many years, Cornwall has had a raw deal from Westminster. Hospitals, schools and our vital public services have received less funding than other parts of the United Kingdom. This situation has been greatly worsened by the cuts of the Coalition government … Mebyon Kernow is demanding a Commission to investigate (i) the full extent of Government under-funding of Cornwall and (ii) the needs-based funding requirement for Cornwall, just as the Holtham Commission (organised by the Welsh Assembly) found that Wales is under-funded by £300 million a year.
The Coalition is undermining the fairness traditionally seen to be at the heart of British society. It is sacking police officers, teachers and health workers, cutting benefits for the disabled and forcing thousands to rely on food banks, while giving tax cuts to millionaires and wasting millions on nuclear weapons … MK councillors will fight to protect funding for programmes and initiatives which seek to protect and enhance the living standards for those in need and the less-well-off.
The approach of central government with their “presumption in favour” of development is turning Cornwall into a “developers’ paradise.” They are sanctioning unchecked and damaging development, with developers lining up to ride roughshod over local communities … Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall supports well-balanced planning policies which protect the Cornish countryside, while allowing appropriate developments that meet the needs of local communities (ie. proper local-needs housing).
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Published on 8th April 2013.

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