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"We have a small AD unit running at Hayle by South West Water to digest sewage and there are several others in the pipe line. If Cornwall Council insist on ripping up farm land for a Park and Ride at Truro, it would be sensible to run the buses on CNG."
Published: 29th November 2014
What is a Cornish Assembly? How would it be different from Cornwall Council? Mebyon Kernow's argument is that we need a legislative national assembly, meaning Cornwall can make it's own laws, decide it's own priorities but remain within the UK, it means fundamental change and for some that's scary. So I thought here I would talk about MK's ideas and provide some examples of what could have been different and hopefully show making decisions in Cornwall need not be feared.
Published: 24th September 2014
Perhaps the title is a little misleading, I certainly could write a great long post on the subject in general. If you haven't seen it already Cllr Andrew Wallis has a great blog post revealing government funding for fishermen is not in fact new at all. Other government announcements have also been tokenistic.
Published: 30th March 2014
Cornwall seems to be getting a very raw deal regarding public transport, partly because of the its location on a long peninsular and also its rural nature.
Published: 6th December 2012
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