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Last week, a majority of councillors backed the unitary authority’s budget for 2017/2018, which had been put forward by the Independent and Liberal Democrat administration. This included a 3.97% increase in council tax, of which 2.0% represented a specific increase in funding for adult social care.
Published: 1st March 2017
It is almost exactly two years since hundreds of people marched through the streets of Falmouth – in truly appalling weather – to protest at the Coalition’s “Pasty Tax.” Readers of the Cornish Guardian will remember how, in his 2012 budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer came up with a “half-baked” scheme to impose 20% VAT on hot food such as sausage rolls or pasties. You may also recall that the Chancellor was ridiculed for telling “hard-pressed Brits” to “avoid his VAT hike on hot food by buying cold pasties.”
Published: 16th April 2014
There was supposed to be a bedroom tax rally in Penzance on Saturday just passed to coincide with the UK wide day of action, but due to the wet and windy weather and the fact it relied on street theater the organisers, Cornwall Anti Cuts Alliance, decided to call it off. Which was unfortunate as the Tory and Lib Dem government need pressure from every corner of the UK to stop this horrible and pointless policy. Anyway I was, as PPC for the St Ives constituency, (possibly) going to give a speech.
Published: 7th April 2014
My article in this coming week’s Cornish Guardian, once again focuses on the inequality in British society. In particular, it contrasts the increasing use of foodbanks with the clamour from certain right-wing politicians for a tax cut for individuals in higher tax brackets.
Published: 17th March 2014
There are various Lib Dem leaflets and bold website pronouncements going around, for example: Liberal Democrats deliver £700 tax cut for working people. Referring to the raising of the income tax threshold. The inference is that the Lib Dems are a low tax party. That their support of the Conservative dream of a small state means they are saving you money. As we come to expect this is nothing but spin and bluster and taxes are in fact going up, when we consider regressive VAT rises and council tax 'hikes'.
Published: 23rd February 2014
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