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Blog Posts with the Tag "sustainability"
“He grew rich as a dust contractor” – Charles Dickens, 'Our mutual friend' 1865. “If the Government filled old bottles with bank notes then buried them deep in the ground with town rubbish piled over the top and sold leases to dig the bottles up, there would be no unemployment and people would find a use for the rubbish to prevent having to dig through it to get at the money” – John Maynard Keynes, 1936.
Published: 8th June 2013
The Government seems quite content to see Cornwall used as a renewable energy site, provided that they are not asked to put much investment into the mix. Scotland and Ireland are fast becoming the technology centres for wave and tidal energy, but Cornwall is being left out.
Published: 25th February 2013
"I feel the time has come to make a stand. And MK is the Party to do it!"
Published: 12th November 2012
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