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It is now imperative that the Scottish National Party and Labour reach an agreement to bury the Tories. So how many lessons do we need to learn about cooperation?
Published: 10th June 2017
"It is my view that weapons of mass destruction should not be stored in Cornwall, or Scotland, or anywhere else for that matter – whether an area of outstanding natural beauty or somewhere deemed less salubrious by the powers-that-be."
Published: 1st September 2014
In recent weeks, I have done a lot of interviews for television, radio and also some local projects. A couple of these can now be seen on-line.
Published: 1st May 2014
The biggest political story of the year is no doubt the Scottish Independence referendum. It truly is an inspiring time, UK politics tends to be a bit stuffy; endless scraps over the center ground by a cosy political consensus masquerading as political rivalry. Real change is unusual in UK politics so anything as vaguely unique and inspiring as the debate on Scotland's future is most welcome.
Published: 15th April 2014
"No responsibility more defines a generation than its responsibility to leave a legacy of hope and possibility. Our generation has a historical opportunity to leave such a legacy. It is for us to choose not a government but a future."
Published: 25th November 2012
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