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Blog Posts with the Tag "poverty"
Well done to Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford, his thousands and thousands of supporters, and all those charities, altruistic businesses and individuals, for pressuring the UK government into a massive u-turn on the issue of free school meal provision for low-income.
Published: 19th November 2020
Politicians talk a lot about the need to tackle inequality in society, often seeking to address problems relating to low incomes, concerns about deprived communities, and the lack of life-chances for far too many people. Sadly, inequality seems to be increasing in most major economies, and the World Economic Forum has identified a significantly growing gap between the rich and the less-well-off.
Published: 15th September 2017
The Prime Minister and the Chancellor claim that low income households will not lose out if the Conservatives go ahead with slashing tax credit payments. They continue to argue that the low-paid will be more than compensated through a package of other changes including increases in the minimum wage (renamed as the so-called "national living wage"), the increase in the tax-free allowance and increased childcare support.
Published: 27th October 2015
Last week, I was pleased to be invited to participate in ITV’s “The West Country at Westminster” alongside the Labour MP for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy, and the Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View, Johnny Mercer.
Published: 14th September 2015
"I would personally like to see legislation to simply outlaw irresponsible lending, though I do welcome that something is being done through the FCA."
Published: 6th October 2014
"Shelter and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation take the view that spending more than one third of disposable income on rent or a mortgage means that individuals or families may not be able to afford their other basic needs. In 2011, Shelter did a survey and estimated that – based on their model – 85% of private rents in the South West were unaffordable."
Published: 17th May 2014
"The Trussell Trust has stated that, last year, it gave out 913,138 food parcels, massively up from the figure of 346,992 in the previous year. Shockingly, 330,205 of the beneficiaries were children. The Trust is responsible for less than 50% of the 1,000-plus food banks across the UK, so the number of emergency handouts is much, much greater."
Published: 27th April 2014
My article in this coming week’s Cornish Guardian, once again focuses on the inequality in British society. In particular, it contrasts the increasing use of foodbanks with the clamour from certain right-wing politicians for a tax cut for individuals in higher tax brackets.
Published: 17th March 2014
My article in this week’s Cornish Guardian addresses the inequality in British Society. I have a strong belief we should do all that we can to build a more equal and just society. But the newspapers and the news on radio or television are full of evidence of the inequality throughout British society.
Published: 24th February 2014
Produced during the Second World War, this document sought to tackle what it described as the “five giant evils” of “idleness, ignorance, disease, squalor and want.”
Published: 9th December 2012
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