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The blurb put out by UKIP states that at the last Local Elections they gained six seats on Cornwall council. This is, of course, perfectly true, but what they don’t say is that during the next couple of years five out of the six resigned.
Published: 19th April 2017
Recently is has been announced that the coalition has done a u-turn on Cornwall's European funding. The thin veneer of localism has been worn through to expose the control freak heart of the coalition government.
Published: 4th February 2015
Over the last few weeks the Liberal Democrats have started to campaign on the issue of Cornish devolution. Various pleas have gone around to mount a campaign and lately even a survey on people's ideas. My plea here is for them to stop reinventing the wheel and work with the campaign Mebyon Kernow already have.
Published: 20th September 2014
The Liberal Democrats yesterday published a press release with the heading: “Lib Dem plans for a Cornish Assembly unveiled.”
Published: 14th September 2014
"The effort to give Cornish people official recognition has been a team effort with many and varied contributions - a team that Mebyon Kernow has been proud to be a member of."
Published: 27th April 2014
Apparently the Lib Dems have voted to devolve powers to Cornwall at their Spring Conference. Already we have quote after quote from local Pick 'n Mix luminaries about how Cornwall deserves devolution. It's all rather reminiscent of the last time they hopped onboard the vote winning devolution bus. Last time they hopped off very quickly after imposing the white elephant that is Cornwall Council on us.
Published: 13th March 2014
There are various Lib Dem leaflets and bold website pronouncements going around, for example: Liberal Democrats deliver £700 tax cut for working people. Referring to the raising of the income tax threshold. The inference is that the Lib Dems are a low tax party. That their support of the Conservative dream of a small state means they are saving you money. As we come to expect this is nothing but spin and bluster and taxes are in fact going up, when we consider regressive VAT rises and council tax 'hikes'.
Published: 23rd February 2014
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