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Blog Posts with the Tag "inequality"
"The Trussell Trust has stated that, last year, it gave out 913,138 food parcels, massively up from the figure of 346,992 in the previous year. Shockingly, 330,205 of the beneficiaries were children. The Trust is responsible for less than 50% of the 1,000-plus food banks across the UK, so the number of emergency handouts is much, much greater."
Published: 27th April 2014
There was supposed to be a bedroom tax rally in Penzance on Saturday just passed to coincide with the UK wide day of action, but due to the wet and windy weather and the fact it relied on street theater the organisers, Cornwall Anti Cuts Alliance, decided to call it off. Which was unfortunate as the Tory and Lib Dem government need pressure from every corner of the UK to stop this horrible and pointless policy. Anyway I was, as PPC for the St Ives constituency, (possibly) going to give a speech.
Published: 7th April 2014
The biggest (political) talking point of the last week was undoubtedly George Osborne’s fifth budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Conservatives initially appeared happy with his budget statement until their Party Chairman launched a poster campaign in a bid to win over working-class voters, which backfired in spectacular fashion.
Published: 23rd March 2014
My article in this coming week’s Cornish Guardian, once again focuses on the inequality in British society. In particular, it contrasts the increasing use of foodbanks with the clamour from certain right-wing politicians for a tax cut for individuals in higher tax brackets.
Published: 17th March 2014
My article in this week’s Cornish Guardian addresses the inequality in British Society. I have a strong belief we should do all that we can to build a more equal and just society. But the newspapers and the news on radio or television are full of evidence of the inequality throughout British society.
Published: 24th February 2014
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