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Blog Posts with the Tag "incinerator"
"Sita have already made their profit from Bristol for treating the waste, they have already made a profit from selling the gas and the diesel from the Avonmouth plant, and now they want to make a profit from us for disposing of the left overs in a plant paid for by Cornish tax payers."
Published: 25th September 2016
Have you seen the white elephant taking shape near St. Dennis? Everybody knows that there will not be enough waste to run the Incinerator (all except Cornwall Council).
Published: 21st October 2013
I always wonder why various parts of Government and Local Government are never joined up. Offices full of reasonable and hard working people investigating and planning how to do things efficiently, and then up the other end of the corridor another group working on a contradictory scheme with equal ardour.
Published: 9th October 2013
“He grew rich as a dust contractor” – Charles Dickens, 'Our mutual friend' 1865. “If the Government filled old bottles with bank notes then buried them deep in the ground with town rubbish piled over the top and sold leases to dig the bottles up, there would be no unemployment and people would find a use for the rubbish to prevent having to dig through it to get at the money” – John Maynard Keynes, 1936.
Published: 8th June 2013
What are the priorities between the collection and disposal of food waste on the one hand and wood waste on the other? How will this damage Cornwall?
Published: 14th March 2013
The recycling policy currently practiced by Cornwall Council is to outsource it as part of the Sita Waste Contract. This means that Cory collect the waste and recycling on behalf of the Council, and the Council then pass the material to Sita and pay them a “gate fee” per tonne. Sita then sell the recycling on the open market and keep the profit. Thus Sita benefit twice from the same recycling.
Published: 16th February 2013
"If I was in charge of Cornwall Council, I would make sure that this area was preserved as an isolated wildlife refuge without any chance of further disruption. I would allow limited access, possibly with guides, but with as much educational input as possible. But what does Cornwall Council actually do? They plan to put a massive waste incinerator right in the middle of it!"
Published: 12th November 2012
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