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Blog Posts with the Tag "cuts"
"It has now transpired that the Prime Minister – who represents an Oxfordshire constituency – recently wrote a private letter to Ian Hudspeth, the leader of Oxfordshire County Council, to complain about local cuts."
Published: 16th November 2015
The Prime Minister and the Chancellor claim that low income households will not lose out if the Conservatives go ahead with slashing tax credit payments. They continue to argue that the low-paid will be more than compensated through a package of other changes including increases in the minimum wage (renamed as the so-called "national living wage"), the increase in the tax-free allowance and increased childcare support.
Published: 27th October 2015
"It's high time Cameron got his own house in order and stopped seeing Cornwall and elsewhere as places to offload cuts and then blame unfairly when less money equals less services."
Published: 4th February 2015
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