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Blog Posts with the Tag "climate change"
It was fantastic that so many children and young people from local schools and colleges came together at New County Hall on 15th February to protest at the failure of politicians to do enough to combat climate change.
Published: 5th March 2019
"We have a small AD unit running at Hayle by South West Water to digest sewage and there are several others in the pipe line. If Cornwall Council insist on ripping up farm land for a Park and Ride at Truro, it would be sensible to run the buses on CNG."
Published: 29th November 2014
The Government seems quite content to see Cornwall used as a renewable energy site, provided that they are not asked to put much investment into the mix. Scotland and Ireland are fast becoming the technology centres for wave and tidal energy, but Cornwall is being left out.
Published: 25th February 2013
"A National Assembly would help to safeguard our few advantages for the people of Cornwall, whilst the current arrangements will inevitably lead to all such wealth draining away from Cornwall to England and London."
Published: 23rd November 2012
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