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Blog Posts with the Tag "budget"
The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s latest budget has been slammed by a very diverse range of bodies and individuals.
Published: 5th December 2017
"Coalition cuts to local government are truly disproportionate – and they are undermining the ability of councils to provide those public services that individuals, families and communities have a right to expect."
Published: 10th September 2014
Perhaps the title is a little misleading, I certainly could write a great long post on the subject in general. If you haven't seen it already Cllr Andrew Wallis has a great blog post revealing government funding for fishermen is not in fact new at all. Other government announcements have also been tokenistic.
Published: 30th March 2014
The biggest (political) talking point of the last week was undoubtedly George Osborne’s fifth budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Conservatives initially appeared happy with his budget statement until their Party Chairman launched a poster campaign in a bid to win over working-class voters, which backfired in spectacular fashion.
Published: 23rd March 2014
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