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Blog Posts with the Tag "brexit"
On Thursday, voters will be going to the polls in the controversial elections to the European Parliament, which have, unsurprisingly, been dominated by Brexit. Along with many others, I am nervous about what a post-Brexit future will hold for Cornwall and whether our communities will be a priority for the Westminster Parliament.
Published: 22nd May 2019
My article in last week’s Cornish Guardian considers what the UK Government’s post-Brexit approach to regional funding could mean for Cornwall.
Published: 14th April 2019
A group of citizens have put the government to the test by asking the High Court to decide whether Article 50 can be triggered by the government without an Act of Parliament and a preceding debate. The government were somewhat surprised to find that they were not judged to have the right to act alone without consultation. Can the same spirit of citizenship be used to hold the government to account nearer to home?
Published: 6th November 2016
One of the main cries of the Brexit campaign was to return control to the British people. What did they exactly mean by that? They probably were working on the hypothesis, emanating from the Tory press, that the unelected EU Commission was deciding UK legislation, whereas all EU Directives have to be accepted into UK law by a vote of Parliament. I even heard a right wing commentator on the radio say that being out of Europe would not make any difference as we were already complying with all EU regulations. If this is the case then why are UK law firm Client Earth taking action in the EU Court of Human Rights against the UK Government for not implementing the Air Quality regulations?
Published: 7th September 2016
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