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There was supposed to be a bedroom tax rally in Penzance on Saturday just passed to coincide with the UK wide day of action, but due to the wet and windy weather and the fact it relied on street theater the organisers, Cornwall Anti Cuts Alliance, decided to call it off. Which was unfortunate as the Tory and Lib Dem government need pressure from every corner of the UK to stop this horrible and pointless policy. Anyway I was, as PPC for the St Ives constituency, (possibly) going to give a speech.
Published: 7th April 2014
Mebyon Kernow believes in social justice and a sensible housing policy. We believe in creating a fair and equitable world and many of MK's members have been disgusted by the Tory/LibDem policy of cutting support for the most vulnerable in our society.
Published: 9th April 2013
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