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Blog Posts with the Tag "autonomy"
"In the corridors of power they are discussing things like what relations local government should have with central government, what powers should be Westminster's and which should go to the nations, regions and cities, who should control spending. At the moment this is happening without meaningful input from Cornwall's Labour and Conservative politicians into these discussions."
Published: 9th October 2014
"Mebyon Kernow is calling for a true National Assembly for Cornwall. An assembly which can do away with unelected and politically appointed quangos such as the LEP and tie public spending to public accountability."
Published: 20th September 2014
The biggest political story of the year is no doubt the Scottish Independence referendum. It truly is an inspiring time, UK politics tends to be a bit stuffy; endless scraps over the center ground by a cosy political consensus masquerading as political rivalry. Real change is unusual in UK politics so anything as vaguely unique and inspiring as the debate on Scotland's future is most welcome.
Published: 15th April 2014
Next up in my series of blogs looking at some of the myths that the opponents of devolution often peddle is that old chestnut of affordability. How often do you hear "An Assembly will never work - how can we possibly afford it?" Of course the Westmister parties quite often preface this at the moment with "In these times of austerity ..."
Published: 22nd November 2013
Mebyon Kernow is on the campaign trail! We intend to campaign long and hard to make the case for a law-making Cornish Assembly - devolution for Cornwall. Devolution for Cornwall is Mebyon Kernow's flagship policy. It is the policy which interconnects with every single one of our social justice principles. It is the mechanism through which we will deliver a better social programme than any of the Westminster parties could make a false promise to attempt.
Published: 21st November 2013
"My Cornish friends and I will strive to hold the Unionist establishment to account in Cornwall - as effectively as Plaid Cymru is doing in Wales with Leanne at the helm."
Published: 12th October 2013
"No responsibility more defines a generation than its responsibility to leave a legacy of hope and possibility. Our generation has a historical opportunity to leave such a legacy. It is for us to choose not a government but a future."
Published: 25th November 2012
"A National Assembly would help to safeguard our few advantages for the people of Cornwall, whilst the current arrangements will inevitably lead to all such wealth draining away from Cornwall to England and London."
Published: 23rd November 2012
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