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Keep warm this winter – burn a few Coalition Manifestos
The Coalition’s latest pronouncements on energy price rises is a sham, and once again will cause Cornwall to suffer more than any other part of the UK.
The latest statements by Coalition apologists indicate that the massive profits of the energy companies will not be affected at all by the ruse dreamed up to deflect the flack caused by the predicted price hike of £170 per year for the average householder. Under the new scheme the Government will not be forcing the energy companies to reduce their prices, but will be funding the reduction by a hit on the taxpayers from general income tax.

One might be forgiven for thinking that as we have very few high earners in Cornwall, this would be a benefit to us, City rich kids paying our bills. Not a bit of it! The effect on the taxpayer is being softened by adjustments to the “Green Levy”. The part of this fund that will be altered, is the part that provides money for the insulation of homes occupied by the poor and disabled. The project won’t be stopped, just slowed so that the cost can be spread over a longer period. The part of it that will be put right to the back of the queue, or so they have stated, is the payment for the biggest cost improvement, that where property has a solid wall without a cavity.

As you might have guessed, over 50% of Cornwall’s housing stock falls into this category. This is mainly because of poor build quality in days gone by, the age of the housing stock, and the number of historic and listed buildings with cob walls or similar structure.

The reason given by the Government for not reducing the profits of the energy companies is because they are supposed to use a proportion of this for improving the infrastructure. If you consider the means of heating an average room, electricity is twice as expensive as the cheapest, and oil is a third as expensive but rising. The cheapest is gas. There is no high-pressure gas main in Cornwall, and less than 50% of houses are on any sort of gas supply.

Never mind, cuddle up to an MK member to keep warm, nobody else will do the trick!
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Published on 2nd December 2013.

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