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My annual report to Parish Assembly
I presented my annual report to the St Enoder Parish Assembly on the evening of 9th April.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has assisted me with my work over the last twelve months.

Through my role as the Cornwall Councillor for St Enoder Parish, I produce regular reports, which are presented to the (monthly) Full Council meetings of St Enoder Parish Council. Normally, I do ten reports each year as the Council does not have Full Council meetings in August and December.

These reports can still be viewed on the Parish Council website or on my blog. See:

Listed below are a few examples of my activities during this period, though I must add that the list is not exhaustive.

1. Roles at Cornwall Council

I have served as vice-chairman of the Electoral Review Panel for the 2018-2019 council year. I have also been a member of the Economic Growth and Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the working group on national minority status and, in addition, I have been present at a wide range of other committees as a non-voting member.

I have attended about 130 formal meetings and briefings at Cornwall Council and St Enoder Parish Council (including the work of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group), as well as a significant number of informal meetings with council officers, local parishioners and groups.

As well, I represented Cornwall Council at the County Council Networks Conference and, through my work with the Electoral Review Panel, I helped front consultations at the three-day Royal Cornwall Show and attended the most recent Conference of the Cornwall Association of Local Councils.

2. Other organisations

I have served on a number of other organisations, both Cornwall-wide and locally. These include: South and East Cornwall Local Action Group (for LEADER funding), South and East Cornwall Local Action Group (for Community-led Local Development funding), St Austell Bay Economic Forum, China Clay Area Training and Work Centre at St Dennis (Chairman), Fraddon Millennium Green (Secretary), the Indian Queens Pit Association (Trustee) and the St Piran Trust (Trustee).

3. World War 1 project

One of the highlights of the past 12 months for me has been completion of the community project, carried out through the Parish Council, to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. I am very pleased with the book that has been produced, which remembers the 73 men from Fraddon, Indian Queens, St Columb Road and Summercourt who lost their lives in the conflict. We also produced memorial boards for each of the three village halls, as well as pull-up banners for the Indian Queens Methodist Church and St Enoder Parish Church. A replica of the roll of honour in Indian Queens Methodist Church was produced and was rededicated in the Chapel. Funding for the project included £7,500 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

4. Neighbourhood Plan for St Enoder

Along with other members of St Enoder Parish Council, a key priority in recent months has been the work towards a Neighbourhood Plan for St Enoder Parish. A “pre-submission” draft of a Neighbourhood Plan was completed at the end of 2018, which was based on feedback that we have received from local residents from the villages of Fraddon, Indian Queens, St Columb Road and Summercourt, as well as surrounding rural areas.

A six-week consultation was held between Monday 7th January and Monday 18th February; and we then allowed an extension until 11th March. The Parish Council’s working group is now reviewing the feedback and a final version of the document is being prepared.

5. Other planning matters

Planning continue to dominate much of civic life in St Enoder Parish, and I have made representations on a range of applications. Some applications have been refused by local planners, but developers have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol.

To show the variety of what we are dealing with, I have listed a number of examples of significant and/or controversial applications:

- Mobile homes on the Kelliers

An unauthorised caravan site on the Kelliers failed to secure planning permission and a subsequent application for six traveller pitches on the site was refused by Cornwall Council, but the landowner appealed to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol. I prepared an 8,000 word statement and represented the Parish Council at an informal hearing, but the inspector nonetheless allowed permission for the development.

- Traveller site on Highgate Hill

The proposal to allow the dayroom on the traveller site near Highgate Hill, Indian Queens, to be turned into a dwelling was referred to the Central Planning Committee. The meeting took place on 6th August 2018 and, in spite of strong objections raised by the Parish Council, it was given permission by the Committee.

- Carvynick Holiday Park

At the Central Planning Committee on 18th March 2019, planning permission was granted for 38 holiday units and an office/leisure building at Carvynick. Access, layout and scale with appearance and landscaping remain reserved. The applicants did not wish a holiday condition to be imposed on the 38 units, seeking them to be unfettered residential properties, but this was not supported at the meeting.

- Higher Fraddon

An application was submitted last year to modify the consent for the planning permission at the pig farm, so that the operators would not need to retrofit biofilters in two of the livestock buildings. Discussions are ongoing. Two pre-application submissions for housing alongside Higher Fraddon lane have just been submitted and are already causing considerable concern in the area.

6. Highway works

Over the last twelve months, I have made representations on a wide range of traffic issues, ranging from pot-holes to flooding, issues around Indian Queens School, to speeding and road safety issues.

- Patching and surfacing

Key works that have been done include the patching and resurfacing of a number of roads. In recent weeks, this has included Trevarren, the main road to Newquay near Atlantic Reach, and the road from the A3058 (St Austell Street) to Goonabarn, to the south of Summercourt. More patching is planned for a number of areas around the Parish (which were listed in my most recent monthly report.

- Community Network Funding

I can also report that for each of the next four years (starting 2018-19), the five parishes of the China Clay Area will receive a total of £50,000 to share on localised highway improvements. This amount of money is extremely limited and local Cornwall Councillors and representatives of local parish councils will be involved in selecting which schemes go forward.

Schemes under consideration include the purchase of a mobile speed camera for St Enoder Parish and calming works outside Summercourt School but, at the moment, there are issues with the costs of the running and maintenance of the camera, and officers at the Council have suggested there is a need for a £7,000 “feasibility study” for any calming works outside the School. I am in the process of making further representations on these issues.

- Road improvements on A3058 (Summercourt to Quintrell Downs)

Last year, I reported that Cornwall Council had been allocated a total of £1.1 million to carry out safety works to the road between the crossroads at Summercourt and Quintrell Downs. The funding will not be made available until 2020/2021 but work has commenced on scoping what works will be funded. I have requested that works need to be carried out within the actual village of Summercourt and a meeting to discuss the nature of the interventions was held last week.

- Double yellow lines

I continue to attend meetings with council officers and the Cabinet member for Transport following the “Positive Parking Review.” Following a revised approach to car parks in towns (ie. more mechanised control in key car parks), enforcement officers will more regularly be out in rural areas. I am therefore continuing to make representations about the need to repaint double yellow lines in many parts of St Enoder Parish.

7. Positive initiatives

It has been very rewarding to be involved with a host of projects with parish councillors, the Parish Clerk Amanda Kendall and local people.

- New play equipment in the Thomas Playing Field

I spent many weeks helping Mark Kessell and the Parish Clerk liaise with the installers of the new play equipment in the playing field, which took much longer than anticipated because of various supply and logistical issues. However, now that it is open, I hope local people are pleased with what has been delivered. It was largely funded from payments associated with planning consents (ie. a modified consent at Carvynick Holiday Park, the wind turbines at Goonabarn and solar farm at Glebe Farm, Summercourt). In order to save money, the turfing around the equipment was laid by parish councillors and volunteers.

- Cemetery extension at Indian Queens

I have also been liaising with the Parish Clerk about the extension of the cemetery at Indian Queens. It is great to see that the new Cornish hedge has been completed and I have now been tasked to pull together the change-of-use planning application for the enclosure.

- Tidy-up of the Kelliers

It has also been good to start “tidy-up” work on the Kelliers, which the Parish Council now owns and is looking to enhance as a countryside area. Two sessions were held last year and significant amounts of rubbish collected. This included over 150 tyres, which were disposed of by Cornwall Council. Hopefully more sessions will be arranged in the coming weeks.

8. PCSOs

For over two years, I have been making representations against changes to policing across Cornwall and the planned reduction in Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). It now well known that one of the PCSOs who served our area has moved to a different station and will not be replaced. I am continuing to make representations on this matter.

9. Economic Strategy for the China Clay Area

Cornwall Councillors from the China Clay Area have been pushing, for a significant time, for the unitary authority to work with us to produce an economic strategy for the Clay Area. There has been quite a focus on “place-shaping” for certain towns, such as St Austell, but we have had to take the initiative for our area. Cornwall Council has agreed that we can pilot an approach to bring forward such a strategy for our Network Area which could be replicated elsewhere. A document should soon be ready for consultation.

10. Electoral Review Panel

As the vice-chairman of the above panel, I have spent a significant amount of time focused on the Review of council divisions. Though I was an active opponent of the reduction in the number of Cornwall Councillors from 123 to 87, we had to do our best to help devise new seats that made as much sense as possible. I can confirm that the local seat at the 2021 elections will cover the parishes of St Enoder and St Dennis.

The committee has now been tasked with carrying out a review of parish boundaries (where there are requests for change), which will be quite onerous.

11. Dealing with concerns of local people

As the Cornwall Councillor for St Enoder Parish, I have had numerous issues brought to my attention and I have done my best to help peoples’ concerns get addressed at the unitary authority. Examples of issues include the unauthorised clay pigeon shooting near Goonabarn, anti-social behaviour in the Fraddon and Indian Queens area, plus issues with the pig farm and biogas plant in Higher Fraddon.

12. At “County Hall”

Likewise, I have been involved with a number of campaigns. This has included opposition to the merger of the “Devon and Cornwall” Police Force with that of Dorset, opposition to the imposition of a cross-Tamar “Devonwall” parliamentary constituency, and support for the campaign for a Cornish tickbox on the 2021 census.

13. Helping local community groups

I have also worked with a number of local groups, offering what advice and support I can, and recently welcomed two classes of children from Indian Queens Primary School to New County Hall and answered a lot of questions, ranging from local concerns to climate change and Brexit.

14. My Community Fund

Each year, Cornwall Councillors are allocated £2,000 which we, in turn, can grant to local organisations. I can confirm that for 2018/2019, I have given supported Summercourt Garden Club, for their work with Summercourt Primary School, and the Indian Queens and district carnival. In addition, I purchased a handicart through St Enoder Parish Council, that local volunteers will be able to use when carrying out litter picks.

I will soon receive my allocation for 2019/2020 and I am keen to hear from local groups who may need some financial assistance.

15. Gorsedh Kernow

Gorsedh Kernow held its 2018 ceremony on the Barrowfields in Newquay on 1st September. I was made a bard in recognition of the work I have done campaigning to protect the geographical and cultural integrity of Cornwall. My bardic name is Gwythyas an Tir, meaning Guardian of the Land. I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent me their best wishes and congratulations.

16. Cornish Guardian column

Throughout the year, I have produced a weekly column which has been published in the Cornish Guardian newspaper and covered a host of local and international issues.

17. Inquiries

I continue to help local people with advice and assistance on a daily basis. This covers a diverse range of issues from traffic to housing and various environmental concerns.

I can be contacted on 07791 876607 or

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Published on 14th April 2019.
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