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Illegal Campaigning
Leave Campaigners place signs illegally on public land.
Vote Leave posters found on public landThis is a photograph of 17 Leave Campaign posters removed from public land beside a main road in Cornwall. Three come from a site no longer convenient for the hit and run signers. The others were all removed from repeated attempts to sign a single prominent junction. Erecting such signs on public land is illegal, and invites prosecution by Cornwall Council. This does not appear to deter a group which is determined to wantonly tear up our treaties with all the other 27 member states of the EU, even if it results in causing long term harm to Cornwall.

It seems likely that the people responsible are well aware that their actions are illegal since the signs appear at night. On one occasion this was actually witnessed by one of our members, just before midnight, but the hit and run signer quickly departed in a nearby car and so could not be challenged.

It’s worth noting that two of the larger signs were published by the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland. What on earth are these signs even doing here? The Democratic Unionist Party has no platform whatsoever in Cornish politics. How would they like Mebyon Kernow to start planting illegal signs on the verges of Northern Ireland?

Printed by the Democratic Unionist PartyFollowing the Referendum these illegally placed signs will be returned to Lys Kernow for disposal. These offences could be, and most likely are being committed all over Cornwall. The astonishingly unequal quantity of signage available to the Leave Campaign, underlines how certain very rich UKIP donors have created an imbalance in this campaign, in which UKIP and other outers hope they can drown out any other message excepting their own. Their volunteers seem to have more signs than they know how to get rid of.

Even at this late stage we can show what we think of these people who see fit to ignore the law in Cornwall. Perhaps our members across the Duchy should keep their eyes open and remove all such illegally placed signs from our land. If nothing else we could have a decent sized bonfire. On second thoughts though, the smoke would probably be too toxic!   

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Published on 22nd June 2016.

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