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The NHS and Vote Leave are linked
When I am on holiday, my mind works in a different way. Consequently, a recent week in Stratford upon Avon made me think of a different slant on current issues. I came to the conclusion that the “Leave” campaign is the Trojan Horse of the extreme Right.
This has recently been endorsed by comments from the French Far Right party, Front National, of Marine La Pen, who wants Britain to leave the EU. There is also support for Brexit from Germany in the form of Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD). again headed by a woman, Frauke Petry. We go against the trend because three of the strongest “Remain” parties in the UK are also headed by women, (Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru).

So what is the reason why the right want to break up the EU? Well I think it all comes down to this idea of “control”. They don’t want governments to work together to produce a consensus that controls everything for the benefit of us all, they want power and control to be vested in business and individuals who want power for themselves. They want to be the unaccountable gangsters and fear that they could be pushed aside by anarchic terrorists, hence Petry’s statement “Shoot migrants at the borders”. The main complaint that the UK Right keeps coming out with is that there are too many rules and too much red tape and this hinders business. What they mean is it hinders them from polluting the air and the sea with their processes, prevents them from producing pesticides that will change the nature of the plant/animal balance, and stops the global production of GM crops that will doom the vast majority of plant varieties whilst making a fortune for a few seed companies.

In the last few days, Brexit campaigners have made this evident in their attitude to the NHS. First we have this myth plastered all over the side of buses and posters, that it costs £350 million a week to stay in the EU and that this will be spent on pulling the NHS out of its current black hole. Even “friends of leave” have stated that this figure is wrong and that it doesn’t account for the money that the UK “gets back”. An even more damning calculation has just been issued from the Office for National Statistics. This states that during the period 2010 to 2014 the average UK contribution to the EU budget was £7.1 bn, but in return we received £9.2 bn. This figure is calculated not just on public grants and repayments to the UK, such as Farm Subsidy and Convergence Payments, (which benefits Cornwall enormously). but also includes “quasi-public” payments such as funding for University Research grants, such as the Wave Hub and test centre at Falmouth. Consequently, unless all these projects and payments are stopped, there would be no “new” money for the NHS.

In actual fact, the situation would be far worse. Even the most rabid Euro-sceptic admits that there will be a “shock” to the financial system. This will be because the same far right Bankers and speculators will be hedging their bets and the value of the pound will fall, and there will be changes in Stock-market valuations. The only disagreement is how long this recession will last. Even if it lasts a year, this will be a disaster for the NHS which is already millions in debt. So how would the NHS cope after a vote to leave? This is where the right wing connection comes in – because it would be “out-sourced” and sold off of course. The businesses run by the “leave” group would pick up contracts for running all the services employing staff at lower wages and working longer hours. Some of these companies would be the US friends of Brexit that the likes of Boris have already lined up via the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) where negotiations to buy into a privatised NHS are already taking place. Further evidence comes from Tory MEP and Leave campaign committee member Daniel Hannan who is on record as saying “The NHS is a 60 year old mistake, and has made people iller”

However, it wouldn’t be a simple shoe-in after leaving, because a large number of pharma companies are European. There is a body called the European Medicines Agency that oversees all medical products and conducts safety tests before medication can be prescribed. If we leave, the UK Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), say that they will certainly not take on this role and that it will cause an extra 150 days waiting for drug approvals. Free Trade Area countries, often used as examples by Brexit campaigners, show this to be true, Switzerland has delays of 157 days, while Canada has an average of 140 day delay for new drug approvals.

Gove, Johnson and the rest try to bluster their way out of this by saying that once out of Europe we will stem the flow of migrants who are costing the NHS a fortune. Let us remember that the migration issue only effects people entering from Europe. These people usually have jobs, pay National Insurance and Taxes and The Social Market Foundation has calculated that there are currently 240,000 EU Nationals working in hospitals, social care and welfare in the UK.

Therefore, in summary – Goodbye Europe equals Goodbye NHS. The Brexiters don’t care, they have their own little Pension and Health Insurance schemes for private hospitals that pay higher wages to attract the best staff.
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Published on 31st May 2016.

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