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  • No to austerity

    MK members have been outspoken critics of the austerity agenda of recent Coalition and Conservative governments and their savage cuts, which has been so detrimental to the vulnerable and the less-well-off.
  • A different sort of politics

    Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall is not like the establishment parties in London. We are based here in Cornwall, we have no vested interests and we are not funded by big business.
  • Local control over planning

    MK is campaigning for local control over all aspects of housing and planning, so that local-needs housing and the construction of new council houses can be prioritised.
  • Action on Climate Change

    The threat of climate change is the defining issue of the 21st century. We face a climate emergency and many countries, all over the World, are facing terrible environmental threats and radical action is needed now to save the planet.
  • Fair funding for Cornwall

    Mebyon Kernow is campaigning for legislation to guarantee that places like Cornwall receive their fair share of investment, to ensure that we have the best quality public services that we have a right to expect.
  • More power to Cornwall

    MK members believe that people living in Cornwall know what is best for Cornwall. For more than twenty years, they have been at the forefront of the campaign for the greater self-government of Cornwall, through the establishment of a Cornish Assembly.
Putting Cornwall First
Mebyon Kernow is a progressive left-of-centre party in Cornwall. We are striving to build a confident and outward-looking Cornwall that has the power to take decisions, directly affecting the people of Cornwall, locally.

Our policies are founded on three core values:

  • Prosperity for all
  • Social justice
  • Environmental protection
The historic Nation of Cornwall has its own distinct identity, language and heritage. As one of the four nations inhabiting the British mainland, Cornwall has the same right to self-determination as England, Scotland and Wales. Mebyon Kernow is leading the campaign for the creation of a National Assembly for Cornwall, with the necessary powers to unlock Cornwall’s true potential.
For more information on this campaign, please read our policy document:
"Towards a National Assembly of Cornwall"
Cornish Assembly Campaign
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Mebyon Kernow - the Party for Cornwall has given its full backing to the leader of Cornwall Council, Julian German, who has raised concerns about elements of the UK Government's modified approach to the lockdown, which include allowing people to travel long distances for leisure.
14th May 2020
The Order for the 2021 Census (which does not include a Cornish tick-box) was pushed through the House of Commons on 6th May and the House of Lords on 12th May.
14th May 2020
Mebyon Kernow has joined a host of bodies in challenging the most recent statements from the UK Government about easing the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown and demanding greater clarity about what is being said.
14th May 2020
We have launched a crowdfunder appeal to raise much-needed funds for the General Election campaign of Cllr Dick Cole in the St Austell and Newquay seat.
14th November 2019
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At one of last week’s governmental briefings, the Prime Minister declared that the United Kingdom is "past the peak" of the coronavirus outbreak and we are on the “downward slope.”
14th May 2020
Cornwall has a very proud mining history, which goes back all the way to the Early Bronze Age (over 4,000 years ago) and still continues with the extraction of china clay in Clay Country.
26th October 2019
It was truly awe-inspiring to see the millions and millions of people, from nearly 200 different countries around the world, coming together on 20th September to join protests demanding meaningful action to combat climate change.
26th October 2019
On Sunday 25th August, I attended a football match for the first time in my life and I really enjoyed watching the Kernow Football Alliance take on a team made up of Chagos Islanders.
14th September 2019